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Friends, do you also want to make blogging like me by creating a website for free? But you do not know how to make a free website? So you guys have come to the right place.

Friends, initially I started writing a blog by searching on Google and creating my first free website.

But I did not know at that time how Wix works and how to write and write articles on it.

But there is no need to take tension to you.

because in this article I will provide you the complete information ”how to make a free website in google” step by step.

And I also provide the information to you, how to write articles on there, how to do SEO for them.

But friends, before knowing how to make a free website on google,

it is very important to know why Wix is ​​free, how it works and how it is known in digital marketing. And what is the difference between a free website and a paid website?

So let’s know –

Important information related to how to make a free website on google 

So friends in digital marketing, Wix is ​​known as a platform of Web2.0.

Around all the platforms come inside Web2.0 which provides you a facility to create a website for free.

But in this domain and hosting, you do not need to buy anything, all you have to do is register your information and you can blog.

Now perhaps a question may be arising in your mind that why do people make websites by paying money, why not for free?

To see friends, the website that is made for free is such websites where your Domain / Hosting is nothing, the whole platform belongs to the company where you make a free website.

In this way, to create websites for free, not only Wix but there are many other platforms where you can create a website for free.

On the contrary, if we talk about websites made by paying money, then the whole platform is yours. You can customize that website as you like, but on the free website, you will get very limited customization.

But friends, if you are starting Blogging or want to learn, then the free website is a very good tool for you. If you work diligently on this too, then you can make a decent income.

Let’s know how to make a free website on google – 

#Step1. First of all, you have to open google and search for As soon as do this, you will get some such interface-

Image 1

#Step2. Now you have to click on “Get Started”.

After that, you will be asked to select some interesting images and ask what you want to do like if you want to do blogging then you have to choose to blog.

Image 2

Now you see two options, you can choose any one of these.

But I would advise you to click on the yellow box on the right side. Because in this you can customize your website and make a beautiful home page.

#Step3. After doing this you have to choose a good theme for your website. You can use any of these which you like.

After doing this, you will get an auto-generated home page by the theme which you can customize and design a good home page by writing about you.

After that, You will have some such interface in front of you.

Image 3

Now, first of all, you have to select the page as shown in the blue box, which page you are designing.

Then the background, management page, add and setting, etc. have to be set from the red box in the side.

#Step4. Now the most important thing is that before writing a post, you have to create three pages on your website i.e. ‘About Us’, ‘Contact Us’ and ‘Privacy Policy’ pages.

Because Google considers your website as a fake website without these, that’s why these three pages must be created.

#Step5. Now your website is ready to write an article or blog.

Keep in mind one thing that you blogging on only one topic, for example, if you write on digital marketing, then all the posts should be related to digital marketing.

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Free website building platforms other than Wix

As friends, I told you earlier that apart from Vix, there are a lot of platforms where you can make your website free.

What I am going to tell you about other platforms also come under Web2.0. Probably you people may not have understood Web2.0 still well, so below, I am going to explore Web2.0 a little more.

Friends Web2.0 is a platform where everyone can easily create their website for free. But the question is, what Web2.0 is?

We understand this thing easily.

Guys assume that the Wix website is my website.

So I want to have a lot of data or information on my website, that’s why I will ask you to make a mini-website on my Wix website and write articles on it.

so that many people like you will put information together on my website with the help of mini websites.

Both you and I will benefit. That is why I offer you the option to open your account for free on my Wix website.

This is why Wix would have been placed in front of your domain name. Which we also called Sub-domain.

Similarly, that website will remain mine, but you can blog from it on your account. In the same way all other websites of Web 2.0 work. All these websites work. Those are known as Web 2.0.

This is a Web2.0 where you can create your website for free –


I hope you will like these information friends. If you like the information, then please make a good comment below and give your opinion so that we can bring more similar information for you.

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