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I am a guy who is always excited about new Digital tools and loves to know the use-case and find out their strengths/Pros and weaknesses/Cons.

And also I will cover in This ConnectExplore Review some of your basic queries regarding this tool/ConnectExplore. Even after this, if you have any questions, then ask me in the comment box below.

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Connectexplore review
ConnectExplore Review

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This is the complete overview of this ConnectExplore review which I am going to share in this article.

ConnectExplore Review – An Overview

  1. What exactly is ConnectExplore?
  2. What are the features of Connectexplore?
  3. Who is perfect for this Connectexplore?
  4. Connectexplore: How does it Work?
  5. Testimonials
  6. About the Founder/vendor of Connectexplore.
  7. ConnectExplore: Support System
  8. ConnectExplore: Bonuses.
  9. What are the Plans And Pricing of Connectexplore?
  10. Connectexplore: OTO, And Upsells.
  11. What is ConnectSuite?
  12. My +$30000 Bonuses – Extra huge Bonuses only from My Side.
  13. Final Words for Connectexplore.
  14. Frequently Asked Questions.

ConnectExplore Review – An Overview

VendorWilco de Kreij
Official Launch Date01-July-2021
Front End PriceStarts at $97 (Launch Price)
NicheFacebook Software
BonusesYes, $30000 Bonuses (Only From My side – If you buy directly, then you will get nothing. For grabbing $30K bonuses buy through the link below in this article.)
RefundYes, 30 days Money Back Guarantee
Skill LevelBeginner to Advanced level (There are huge tutorials/video tutorials for beginners)
SupportYes, Effective Support System/mail – support@connectio.io.
Official WebsiteClick Here
Connectexplore Review

ConnectExplore Review What is It?

Before talking about Connectexplore let’s take a look at what is connectio? Because Connectexplore is a product of Connectio.

Because after knowing this it will be easier for you to understand Connectexplore.

So, what is Connectio?

Connectio is a Facebook marketing tool available to businesses and enterprises of any size. Connectio is consists of 5 different tools that all do different functions. ConnectExplore is one of them.

The overall subscription for all 5 tools is called ConnectSuite. It includes ConnectExplore, ConnectLeads, ConnectAudience, ConnectRetarget and ConnectAutomate. 

Later we will also discuss the remaining four tools by connectio but,

Now, What is Connectexplore?

ConnectExplore puts interest-based targeting at Facebook… on steroids.

Just to name a few things…

Find Hidden Interests

ConnectExplore finds more hidden interests to target than any other tool could. Includes easy filtering, works in any language, and only shows usable results.


Easily adds your interests to your Facebook Ads account with a single click, while being able to hyper-target your audience using automated layering. No more copy-pasting!

Interest Analytics

See which interests are working for you by breaking down your Facebook Ads statistics on an interest-per-interest basis. No more split-testing!

In another section of my ConnectExplore Review, I have explained In-Depth Details About ConnectExplore

ConnectExplore: Let us now try to understand in depth

ConnectExplore helps you find and identify “interests” to target using Facebook Ads. Using this tool you’ll be able to find more interests that you can target than you could find using the Facebook Ads manager itself.

The audience testing feature helps you with discovering which interests work best for you. Once you’ve done your interest search inside ConnectExplore you’ll have a group of interests you’d like to target (for example, 20 interests).

With the audience testing the feature, you’ll be able to create 20 adsets with one interest per ad set in a few clicks. Then, once your campaign has gathered some data you’ll know which interests are performing well and which ones are not.

What makes Connecteplore different from others OR Why Connectexplore?

It’s simple.

Most companies don’t have the right to access Facebook™’s Ads API. (This bit about the API can be a bit confusing, so let me explain.)

ConnectExplore review - how does it works
ConnectExplore Review

While everyone who wants it has access to Facebook™’s general API, the Ads API is a different animal altogether.

Facebook™ is very picky about which companies they let access the Ads API. You have to pass a lot of tests and jump through hoops to get permission.

The Massive Facebook™ Ads API AdvantageConnectexplore

Many targeting tools can’t access data directly from your Facebook™ Ads account because they can only access Facebook™’s regular API.

Instead, these tools rely on Facebook™’s regular API. The regular API doesn’t have access to Interests. Other tools only ‘guess’ which interests can be targeted. They have no way to find and verify all the interests actually available.

So it’s no wonder marketers don’t get good results from them.

connectexplore review - Best tool for  facebook ads
ConnectExplore Review

As many as 50% of the interests these tools return can’t actually be targeted on Facebook™. In other words, they can be a big waste of time and money.

In contrast, our company has passed all Facebook™’s tests with flying colors. . . we have Facebook™’s blessing to use their Ads API in our tools.

Because we can access Facebook™’s Ads API (where others can’t) . . .

Get Instant access of ConnectExplore
Get Instant Access to ConnectExplore

Full In-depth ConnectExplore Review Video –

ConnectExplore Review

ConnectExplore Review What are the features?

Connectio built an interest gathering and analytics tool for Facebook™ unlike ANY other on the market.

This advanced (yet simple-to-use) tool:

  1. Pre-qualifies every interest as highly relevant for the keywords a user enters.

2. Allows you to target by foreign languages to find hidden markets other marketers are ignoring.

3. Finds untapped interests other tools can’t access – giving you a one-sided advantage over your competition.

4. Adds interests directly to your ad manager in a single click – without any cutting and pasting (massive time savings).

5. Includes interest ‘layering’ in your targeting options… (more on how layering significantly increases your conversions soon).

6. Doesn’t need any outside tracking tools to measure results (which are a pain to set up).

In short, this tool FINDS targeted audiences that are hidden from your competition, RATES those audiences for profitability, & helps you serve PRECISE ads for maximum ROI.

At last, our new Facebook Targeting Tool was ready to be put to the test.

ConnectExplore’s Advanced Targeting Features:

ConnectExplore finds you the lucrative interests your competitors miss out on . . . dominate your niche for skyrocketing ROI on your ad dollars!

User-Friendly Layout / Dashboard – find and filter interests with ease

  • get the interests you need to dominate your competition when you need them.
  • save all interests as ‘projects’ you can build on and add to over time.

Powerful Interest Search Engine – finds the motivated audiences you NEVER uncover on your own

  • Search MULTIPLE keywords at once.
  • The auto-suggest feature finds you all related keywords as you search.
  • Uncover even more highly related interests to your keywords by enabling “search extensions”.
  • For example, if you typed in ‘nursing’ as your keyword, the extension feature would search for ‘nursing association’ ‘nursing institution, ‘nursing school’ etc. as well.
  • Cruise past your competitors with interests they’ll NEVER find on their own.

Automated Suggestions

  • Once you get an initial list of interests, ConnectExplore suggests an additional list of highly-related suggestions to target.

Filtering – results you can actually USE

  • Powerful, smart filters easily find the best interests for your search strings.
  • Because ConnectExplore is directly integrated with your Facebook™ ads account, you’ll only see targetable results.

Foreign language targeting option – tap into under-exploited local markets

  • Target by foreign languages to find hidden markets other marketers are ignoring.
  • 43 languages supported – more options than ever to target underserved markets for huge profits.

Advanced Targeting – ad costs go down while performance goes up for the ultimate in ROI

  • Drill down to the most motivated audiences with layering (e.g. people interested in 2,3 or 4 of your interest sets).
  • Add interest lists to Facebook™ ad sets in 1 click (without leaving the ConnectExplore dashboard . . . or any copy & pasting).

ConnectExplore Review Who is perfect for Connectexplore?

CPA Marketers

Get more targeted traffic to your offers for less ad spend and bigger profits.

Affiliate Marketers

target buyers your competition is ignoring for an unfair advantage. Adding layering uncovers raging niche fans . . . scale up your offers fast.

List Builders

Get more leads for less money by optimizing your ad sets with ConnectExplore.

Local marketing consultants

Each local businesses owners like never before. Perfect for those wanting to enter lucrative foreign markets as well.

eCommerce Marketers

Get more sales with less ad spend. Find interests you never knew your customers had . . . gives you tons of ideas for new hot selling products to stock in your stores.

Social Media Marketers

Your competition will never know how you are getting so many leads and sales. They’ll wonder what the secret weapon in your marketing arsenal is!

ConnectExplore Review - Buy Now
ConnectExplore Review – Buy Now

Connectexplore: How does it Work?

It works in 3 simple steps:

1. Discovery
Find interests to target, many of which are simply unavailable to your competition.

2. Filter
Find the best interests and most engaged audiences, keenly engaged in your offers.

3. Target
Apply results to specific interests for the highest possible ROI.

Watch The Demo Video Below To Discover How ConnectExplore Effortlessly Maximizes YOUR Conversions

Connectexplore: Testimonials

ConnectExplore testimonials

With his high quality products and a proven track record of multiple 6 figure launches… Well, you just can’t go wrong with this true innovator! Expect high EPCs – and a bunch of thank-you emails from the customers you are going to send over!

Stefan van der Vlag
ConnectExplore Testimonial

Wilco takes a ton of pride in every product he brings to market. This always makes me super confident that when I promote one of his launches, that it’s going to be a killer product, that will convert insanely well and backed by outstanding customer service. I love promoting Wilco and always look forward to the next product he releases!

Mark Thompson

About the founder, or Vendor of Connectexplore.

Founder of the ConnectExplore

Wilco de Kreij – a full-time online marketing “whiz kid” who started at the age of 16, when he started selling sunglasses online. Over the next decade and then some, Wilco has developed several online marketing applications and WordPress plugins.

Wilco spearheads a diverse, talented team of programmers, developers, designers, and online marketing professionals to ensure that Connectio continues to grow as a top-shelf application.

ConnectExplore: Support System

Yes, You will get an effective and very fast support system.


It goes without saying you’ll be provided with full video-based training on how to make the most of ConnectExplore and the entire Suite. You’ll be able to get profitable Facebook™ campaigns up in no time flat – without any guesswork.

You will get complete knowledge tutorials from Connectio.

For each product(ConnectExplore, ConnectAudience, ConnectLeads, and ConnectAutomate) you will get in-depth tutorials And FAQs-based help.

If you get stuck, help is as close by as connectio friendly, helpful support desk. (You can access the support desk from directly inside your ConnectExplore dashboard.)

OR, you are able to contact the Connectio/ConnectExplore team directly via mail: support@connectio.io.

ConnectExplore: Entire Bonuses.

If you are ConnectExplore, then you have no need for paying the extra costs for grabbing these bonuses.

Just Add ConnectSuite Plan with your ConnectExplore. ConnectLeads is absolutely free for 30 Days also you will get all these bonuses.

You will get Entire bonuses with ConnectLeads.

You’ll find bonuses inside the ConnectLeads dashboard. Part of the bonus is video instructions (which you’ll find in the “Tutorials” & “Strategies” folders inside ConnectLeads. 

Some bonuses are located in ConnectLeads > Strategies > Bonuses.

ConnectExplore: FE Pricing Details

The regular price of ConnectExplore is $297/year.

But, there is a one-time-offer in which you will get Connectexplore only at $197 one-time-payment (lifetime-access)

ConnectExplore: OTO/Upsells.

Special Offer

What You’ll Receive Today: Regular price of ConnectExplore is $297/year.

But in this special offer, you will get it only at $97 for lifetime access. + Bonus 30 Days free trial of ConnectSuite(Know more about ConnectSuite) value of $97/month + 30 Days free Inner circle Workshops Access (Which is held on the first Wednesday of each month). It means you have a chance to attend one inner circle live workshop.

Buy Now ConnectExplore
ConnectExplore – Get Huge Bonuses

Month after month, you’ll discover everything you need to know about Facebook™ Ads, funnel strategies, email marketing, and more…

Each month’s workshop will be focused on ONE topic… and we’ll skip the theory and show you “what’s working now” in the trenches.

During your 30-day free trial, you’ll have a chance to join at least one of these workshops live and get to experience how it feels to be in the same room with the smartest people in the advertising world.

PLUS: You’ll get instant access to the entire collection of replays.

Here’s a partial list of some of the topics we’ve covered recently:

  • Top 10 Facebook™ Ad Creative Formulas.
  • How to Avoid Getting Slapped by the iOS14 Update.
  • The Anatomy of a High-Converting Landing Page.
  • How to Write Facebook-friendly Ads in 2021.
  • Secrets to Analyzing Your Numbers In Your Ads Account.
  • And more . . .

The next “Inner Circle” workshop is scheduled for July 7th, 2021
Topic: “Facebook & Instagram Ads Testing 101”
by Andrew Foxwell (Co-Founder of Foxwell Digital)

ConnectExplore Review and Pricing Details
ConnectExplore Live webinar

Exactly what you will get in this bonus pack:

  • Unlimited Access to all of the Premium Facebook™ marketing in the suite, including ConnectAudience, ConnectLeads, ConnectRetarget (more coming soon)
  • Exclusive access to our entire “Inner Circle” workshop collection, and a special invitation to the next LIVE event (on the first Wednesday of next month)
  • If you cancel within 30 days of starting your trial, you won’t be charged a single dime
  • ConnectExplore is yours to keep even if you decide ConnectSuite isn’t right for you (as long as you don’t ask to refund it, of course)
  • If you decide you want to keep ConnectSuite, you’ll be charged an ongoing fee of $97 per month, starting 30 days from now
  • Cancel ConnectSuite anytime – you’re never locked into a long term contract.

These Aren’t ‘Lite’ Versions of Tools

Sometimes, software developers allow prospective customers access to watered-down ‘lite’ versions of their products.

This is not the case with your 30-day free trial.

You’ll get to experience ConnectSuite’s full-featured power to boost your Facebook™ conversions.

Get ready to score all the leads and sales you can handle!

By signing up today, you’ll get a lifetime account to ConnectExplore for only $197 (one-time payment) instead of paying $297/year later on. As a special bonus, you’ll get a Free 30-day trial of ConnectSuite which continues into $97 per month after 30 days, unless you cancel. You can cancel anytime, and you’ll keep ConnectExplore!

What is Connectsuite?

Connectio is a Facebook marketing tool available to businesses and enterprises of any size. Connectio is consists of 5 different tools that all do different functions. ConnectExplore is one of them.

The overall subscription for all 5 tools is called ConnectSuite. It includes ConnectExplore, ConnectLeads, ConnectAudience, ConnectRetarget and ConnectAutomate. 

So far we have only discussed Connectexplore. The rest of the tools are as follows

  1. ConnectLeads:

ConnectLeads will enable you to get Facebook Lead Ads connected with your autoresponder. This means that if someone enters your Facebook Lead Form (enters their email address), their email address is automatically sent into your autoresponder or email software.

The focus of ConnectLeads is to collect email subscribers from Facebook onto your email list.

ConnectLeads – eliminates the need to manually export data from Facebook™ lead ads into your autoresponder. Mobile visitors can add themselves to your list with just a few taps.

  • Fully integrates your Facebook™ ad account and autoresponders for maximum efficiency – no wasted time downloading CSV files, uploading them to your autoresponder, etc.
  • Facebook™ users on mobile get added to your email lists with just a few taps – leads are automatically imported to your autoresponder/CRM instantly.
  • Real-time data and analytics – all the data you need to make important business decisions at your fingertips.
  • Most major autoresponders and CRM platforms are supported by ConnectLeads.
  • And more . . .

You will get ConnectLeads worth $47 absolutely free for 30 Days.

Get it as a ConnectExplore Bonus
Get it free as a ConnectExplore Bonus

2. ConnectAudience:

ConnectAudience does – in a way – the opposite. It connects your autoresponder or email software with your Facebook account, so you can create Facebook custom audiences based on who is on your email subscribers’ list (ConnectAudience collects that data from your autoresponder and sends it into Facebook as a Custom Audience).

The focus of ConnectAudience is to get more results from the email subscribers that you have.

Reach your subscribers like never before with a powerful combination of email and Facebook™ Custom Audiences. Gain Custom Audience targeting options never available before now. Maximize your conversions for massive ROI and profits.

  • Custom tailor Facebook™ ads to keep up with your email follow-up sequences – increase your subscribers’ exposure to high-ticket offers using Facebook™ ads. Maximize your conversions and put more money in your bank.
  • Segment Facebook™ Custom Audiences – target past product buyers, subscribers who opened/clicked on emails, didn’t open emails/click links, and much, much more
  • Create lookalike audiences based on your subscriber lists – target Facebook™ users who match similar preferences, demographics, and interests of your subscribers. Expands your reach without any extra effort
  • Compatible With Most Popular Autoresponders – almost any autoresponder can be supported with a simple cut and paste of HTML code

You will get ConnectAudience worth $47 absolutely free for 30 Days.

Get free with ConnectExplore - Bonus
Get free with ConnectExplore

3. ConnectRetarget:

ConnectRetarget doesn’t have anything to do with your autoresponder. Instead, it’s for web-based retargeting on Facebook. Using ConnectRetarget you can retarget your website visitors using Facebook Ads based on how they behave on your website.

So for example, only target those who A) stayed on your site for X time, or B) scrolled to a certain point of your sales page, or C) visited your site Y times – just to give you a few basic examples.

This allows you to make retargeting much more effective since you can target the highest potentials of your visitors.

Your advertising dollars are wasted on prospects that show little-to-no engagement with your content. You need to focus your ad spend on your most highly motivated prospects . . . and ConnectRetarget allows you to do exactly that.

  • Segments your visitors based on how they interact with your website.
  • Targets only your most highly motivated prospects (for more leads and sales faster than you dreamed possible)
  • Weeds out tire kickers unlikely to buy or subscribe (keeps your ad costs low)

You will get ConnectRetarget worth $47 absolutely free for 30 Days.

ConnectExplore Bonus
ConnectExplore Review and Bonus

4. ConnectAutomate 

ConnectAutomate is a tool to automatically turn your best Facebook posts into Facebook Ads that get high engagement. In a nutshell, you can create “rules” such as “if a certain Facebook post gets more than X likes, or gets shared by 1% of people”.

The system will then continuously check for posts on your Facebook Page, and as soon as a post gets enough engagement, it will create a Facebook Ad for it to give full exposure.

Discover how a revolutionary new tool can help you legally and ethically “hijack” Facebook’s multi-billion-dollar AI infrastructure, and use it to grow your following, increase engagement, and boost sales.

  • Automatically convert your best-performing page posts that get engagement and turn them into ads
  • Drastically reduce your cost per click (or view) by promoting content people love
  • Run profitable ads and get a higher ROI… even if you are on a tight advertising budget
  • And more . . .

You will get ConnectAutomate worth $47 absolutely free for 30 Days.

ConnectExplore Bonus
Get free – ConnectExplore Bonus

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Even If you decide not to keep ConnectSuite, ConnectExplore is yours to keep for a low lifetime price.

And it’s quite possible you will make your investment back in a month or less (because now you will be able to optimize your ad sets so efficiently.)

ConnectExplore is fully backed by Connectio 30-days, no-hassle 100% money-back guarantee.

In the unlikely event, you find connectExplore doesn’t meet your expectations, contact Connectio for a full refund of your purchase price within 30 days of purchase.

Purchase ConnectExplore is risk-free today… and begin to discover untapped profitable interests in any niche you choose in just a minute for now!

Huge $30k Special Bonuses From My Side: sumitsheoran.com

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  27. Bonus #26 SEO Master
  28. Bonus #27 Traffic Generating Resources
  29. Bonus #28  Content Marketing Strategy
Get ConnectExplore Bonuses and OTO
ConnectExplore Review

ConnectExplore: Final Words

We all know that finding the best interests to target is crucial for a successful campaign… and that finding those interests is a major time suck.

Connect explore elegantly solves this problem.

First, it helps you find interests you’d normally have to dig around for ages to find. And second, with a click of a button, those interests are added straight into your ad set – no more copying and pasting.
Connect Explore saves you time, helps you escape from boring research, and helps you max your ROI.

There are 3 things I love most about the Connectio-products. 1) It solves real problems for marketers, 2) it’s incredibly easy to use and 3) its fast and professional customer support. They’re always there to help! Highly recommended.

ConnectExplore: Frequently Asked Questions –

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