7Day Digital Landlord Review – In-depth Details

by | Jul 12, 2021 | Review

What if you were a Digital Landlord…

Someone who rented out simple digital storefronts to local businesses in DESPERATE need of a way to sell their products/services online in the new “Local-Digital-Economy?” 

You’d charge them $1,000/month in “rent.” 

And the number of digital storefronts you can rent out knows no limits…

In the blink of an eye, you can be earning $120k+ year with around just 5 hours of work a week.


Well, Todd Gross and Peter Beattie are going to just release the world’s FIRST Turn-key Digital Landlord Agency platform.

It’s called “The 7 Day Digital Landlord!”

Finally, ANYONE, regardless of experience, can quickly BUILD & RENT “Ready to go” Digital Storefronts to businesses in ANY niche, for recurring 4 figure rental payments…in just a few clicks!

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7Day Digital Landlord Review

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This is the complete overview of this 7 Day Digital LandLoard review which I am going to share in this article.

  1. What is a 7 Day Digital Landlord?
  2. How does it work?
  3. Live demo of 7 Day Digital Landlord.
  4. Features, and benefits.
  5. Why you should go for 7 Day Digital Landlord?
  6. Who can use this software?
  7. About the ceator.
  8. Front-End Pricing Details of 7Day Digital Landlord.
  9. OTO’s and Upsells?
  10. Pros and Cons.
  11. Conclusion.
  12. Exclusive Bonuses.
  13. Frequently Asked Questions

7 Day Digital Landlord Review – An Overview

7Day Digital Landlord Review, And OTO details
Product7 Day Digital Landlord
VendorTodd Gross and Peter Beattie
Official Launch Date12-July-2021
Front End PriceStarts at $27-$39 (Launch Price)
CouponAutomatic apply Only If you go through the link mention in this review
BonusesYes, +$28K Exclusive Bonuses. Applicable only if you go through the link mention in this 7 Day Digital Landlord review
RefundYes, 14 days Money Back Guarantee
Skill LevelBeginner to Advanced level
SupportYes, Effective Support System
Official WebsiteClick Here

Let’s jump into the 7Day Digital Landlord Review –

What is a 7 Day Digital Landlord?

This is a platform to build stores for local businesses and you can charge a rental fee for using the stores.

This is the world’s first digital landlord agency space where you can create storefronts and offer rentals to the local shopkeepers, marts, and wholesalers.

According to Todd Gross, this is the highly needed software to fulfill the customer’s demand because he tested this product before with his customers.

The 7 Day Digital Landlord saves many more bucks from the local stores, just like other eCommerce stores that would charge high prices with the minimal offering of the services.

The 7 Day Digital Landlord: CRACKED WIDE OPEN! The World’s FIRST Turnkey
Digital Landlord Agency’ Platform Quickly Builds and RENTS Ready-to-Go ‘Digital
Storefronts’ To Businesses For Recurring 4 Figure Rental Payments In Just A Few
(NO Meeting With Clients, NO Skills Needed, 100% Newbie Friendly!)

Earlybird Discount is available, must Sign Up for the getting discount

Pretty soon, they’ll be selling their amazingly powerful software via webinar for $497… but for a short while longer you can get over 90% off! 

Get this amazing course and software combo at a onetime price

Buy Now - 7Day Digital Landlord Review

How do 7 Days Digital Landlord work?

Now in this section, I have shared the small and major steps who you can get benefited from this product so with this 7-day digital landlord review you can evaluate its worth.

Step 1: Launch Your Store

7Day Digital Landlord Review

Login to the dashboard and start creating your store. In this app, you will get 90+ Ready to use stores where you only have to make minor changes and you create your own store only within 5 minutes of time span.

Step 1: Rent out the Storefront

7Day Digital Landlord Review

Now it’s time to rent out your storefront and charge them with recurring revenue. You tab then the small business which is 125+ million and it is a good option to grab the revenue which is a monthly basis.

Step 3: Rinse & Repeat

7Day Digital Landlord Review

Rinse & repeat as many times as you want to grow your monthly recurring revenue by RENTING an UNLIMITED number of Storefronts to an UNLIMITED number of businesses for UNLIMITED earning potential!

7Day Digital Landlord Review - OTO Details

Live Demo

Watch the demo video to know that “how does 7day digital landlord works?”
7Day Digital Landlord Live Demo

What are the features of this software

  • Intuitive User interface
  • No Skills or technical skills required
  • Build and RENT an UNLIMITED number of Digital Storefronts for yourself AND for your clients
  • Lifetime Access to “The Digital Landlord Academy”
  • The Automatic Rental Scripts
  • Use your own/ Client domain names
  • FREE Hosting
  • UNLIMITED bandwidth 
  • Unlimited storage for ALL Storefronts
  • FREE SSL Certificate
  • 1-Click To convert ANY existing WordPress or Wix website to a Digital Storefront
  • Create mobile responsive Storefronts
  • Add UNLIMITED products
  • Video backgrounds
  • Social Media links
  • Done For You client getting video ad
  • Ready made Agency Contract
  • Dedicated Customer Service

1. Flawless Responsive Design On ANY Device:

Every Storefront is automatically created with a Desktop AND Mobile friendly layout with ZERO input from you. This means every visitor will have a seamless experience, which means higher conversions, happier tenants, and MORE profits for you!

2. Fastest Page Load Speeds In The Industry:

Built-in “Mobile Priority Indexing Technology” ensures each Storefront ranks HIGH in the Google search results faster than other sites built on other platforms like WordPress or Wix… Helping your tenants outrank their competitors, reduce “bounce rate” and increase conversions! (they’ll want to stay a tenant for life!)

3. FREE “Storefront Guard Dog Technology”:

Every Storefront comes pre-loaded w/ Unmatched Storefront Security and Protection which makes it virtually unhackable. This means you can say “Goodbye!” to hacked WordPress sites and you’ll never go a day without your storefronts LIVE and making money!

4. FREE Rapid Ranking Technology:

Every Storefront comes pre-loaded with their “Rapid Ranking Technology” which helps it rank in the Google search results FAST. This increases the perceived value of your Storefront in the eyes of your tenants, allowing you to charge more and giving them an edge over their competitors.

5. Custom CSS & Javascript for Professional Customization:

Easily convert ANY existing WordPress or Wix website to a Digital Storefront in just a few clicks. This means you can charge a higher upfront “setup fee” to convert your client’s existing & outdated website into a Digital Storefront in just 5 mins. of “work” (don’t worry, they won’t tell them ;))

6. Rapid Storefront Conversion:

Easily convert ANY existing WordPress or Wix website to a Digital Storefront in just a few clicks. This means you can charge a higher upfront “setup fee” to convert your client’s existing & outdated website into a Digital Storefront in just 5 mins. of “work” (don’t worry, they won’t tell them.

7. FREE Hosting – FOR LIFE:

No, that’s NOT a typo! With the “7 Day Digital Landlord Pro Version”, you’re getting FREE Hosting w/ UNLIMITED bandwidth AND storage for ALL Storefronts – FOR LIFE. This alone will save you THOUSANDS in hosting fees AND allow you to keep 100% of the profits from each Storefront you rent out!

8. NO recurring fees:

Yep! Just a one-time investment gets you ALL powerful features. 7 Day Digital Landlord will save you THOUSANDS per year compared to other platforms that come with monthly fees that add up fast. This means you’ll be profitable from DAY 1, and you can keep 100% of the profits of each Storefront you rent out.

Why you should go for 7 Day Digital Landlord?

Because this is the only solution for the local businesses to protect theirs at least for some loss in the market. And if you are a marketer or at least know how the internet works then this is a wonderful opportunity for you to create and storefront and you can charge from the business owners by offering them this beautiful store.

This software is the best fit for marketers who want to get a recurring income platform and want to make an asset. So in this 7 Day Digital Landlord review, I have shared almost all the necessary information that can help you to buy this software.

Who can use this tool?

This is the World’s first online storefront where you can rent products to businesses for recurring 4 figure payments. Become a “Digital Landlord” and generate income recurring from home  – in just a few clicks of a button.

The software comes with a simple and intuitive interface so anyone can use it with no hassle. So I would highly recommend this All-in-One digital Landlord Agency platform to all professionals.

  • Local Marketers
  •  Digital Marketers
  •  Agency & Organization owners
  •  Freelancers
  •  Affiliate Marketers
  •  Consultant Agencies
  • Business persons
  •  Entrepreneurs
  • Digital Marketers & for many others.

Above listed Professionals must need to go for 7Day Digital Landlord; Well, now let’s proceed to the next section of this 7Day Digital Landlord Review where we will learn more about this software

About the creator of 7Day Digital Landlord.

7Day Digital Landlord Review
About creator – 7Day Digital Landlord

This First to market software is developed by Todd Gross, LuAnn Beckman, and Peter Beattie. In the field of video marketing & digital marketing software, he is one of the most well-known figures. Some of his top products are Human Synthesis Studio, VidSnatcher, VideoBuilder, Video jeet, Automation Bundle, Videopal, Designo, and many more.

His creations are all amazing. It is really shocking to find out that thousands upon thousands of his products are sold in a single day & all of them are highly demanded.

Always, he comes up with some new ideas & innovations that truly facilitate solving users’ problems. And this time, This Multi Advanced Digital Landlord Agency software is going to rock & roll overall software.

Well, keep learning about this software with me. Let’s quickly jump to the next section of my 7Day Digital Landlord review where we will get to know about its major key features.

Pricing Details of 7Day Digital Landlord.

This software comes with two pricing plans –

Option 1:

“The Hobbyist” License


  • Build and RENT up to 3 Digital Storefronts
  • 40 Stunning Storefront Niche Designs to choose from and ready to deploy with 1 click
  • All Standard Features…

Option 2:

“The PRO” License


  • Build and RENT an UNLIMITED number of Digital Storefronts for yourself AND for your clients
  • 100+ Stunning Storefront Niche Designs to choose from and ready to deploy with 1 click
  • All Standard Features…

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7Day Digital Landlord Review
7Day Digital Landlord Review

Standard Features are as follows:

  • Lifetime Access to “The Digital Landlord Academy”
  • ​The Automatic Rental Scripts
  • ​Use your own (or client’s) domain names
  • ​FREE Hosting w/ UNLIMITED bandwidth and storage for ALL Storefronts – for life!
  • ​FREE “Storefront Guard Dog Technology” for Unmatched Storefront Security and Protection (virtually un-hackable)
  • ​Optional SSL Certificate
  • Complete design flexibility
  • ​Rapid Ranking Technology – provides advantage over competitors in Google search results
  • ​Easily convert ANY existing WordPress or Wix website to a Digital Storefront
  • ​Automatically creates Desktop & Mobile friendly Storefronts – increases conversions
  • ​Easy Point & Click Interface with multiple device views for effortless Storefront editing
  • ​Built in Digital Storefront Ecommerce Technology for easy online ordering capabilities
  • ​Add UNLIMITED products
  • Video backgrounds
  • ​Social Media links
  • ​Custom CSS & Javascript for professional customization
  • ​Fastest page load speeds in the industry!
  • ​No recurring fees!

OTO, and Upsells –


7Day Digital Landlord OTO
7Day Digital Landlord Review

“The Food Delivery Hero”


  • 20 NEW “Restaurant Storefront” niche designs
  • ​Powerful online food ordering & delivery system
  • ​Allows restaurants break free from dependency on expensive food delivery apps like Postmates, Grubhub, UberEats and DoorDash (which take 15-30% of profits from restaurants)
  • ​FINALLY! Your customers can offer restaurants their OWN independent food ordering & delivery system, saving the restaurant thousands of dollars and collecting 4 figure setup fees in the process!


7Day Digital Landlord OTO
7Day Digital Landlord Review

“The Realtor Hero”


  • 4 NEW “Real Estate Storefront” niche designs
  • ​Powerful real estate listing, management and marketing system
  • ​​Tens of thousands of Americans are flooding the market right now to try their hand in real estate for the first time, but most have NO clue, NO online presence and NO way to list, manage and market their properties…
  • ​FINALLY! Your customers can profit from the RED-HOT housing market by RENTING “Real Estate Storefronts” to the tens of thousands of HUNGRY new agents flooding the market right now!


7Day Digital Landlord OTO
7Day Digital Landlord Review

“The YouTube Client
Induction System”


  • Peter’s coaching program normally sold for $997-$5,000
  • ​We’ll help your customers design, build and launch a high converting YouTube ad campaign that brings them new high paying client leads on 100% autopilot
  • ​Gives your customers instant credibility and positions them as THE go-to expert in their niche practically overnight! 


7Day Digital Landlord OTO
7Day Digital Landlord Review

“The Digital Landlord
Marketing & Sales Kit”


  • Helps your customers launch their new Digital Landlord business with confidence with done for you marketing and sales assets that build trust and turn prospects into paying clients, like…
  • ​2x “Agency Storefront” niche designs
  • ​Done For You client getting video ad
  • ​High Ticket Sales Script + Training
  • ​Proposal and Invoice System
  • ​Done For You Agency Contract

7 Day Digital Landlord Pros & Cons


  • Recurring income solution for all the marketers or store owners.
  • Ecommerce facility.
  • Free unlimited bandwidth hosting.
  • Free SSL.
  • No need to code anything
  • Social integration included.
  • Unlimited Product Listing available.
  • Lifetime Access
  • 30 Days full money-back guarantee
  • Training plus software combination


  • Promotion costs can be extra if you want to make more profits.
  • Only suitable for local businesses.
  • No software download copy, only cloud-based software.
  • Full Content and graphics required.
  • No more cons I have found.


In my opinion, this store builder/7Day Digital Landlord is a great option for making an asset that can give you recurring payouts. The best fit with the course and the software combination.
Just go with this and smartly making money by putting your storefront in rent.

Exclusive Bonuses

$30K Mega Bonuses from my side + 5 Figure Promo Bonuses from Vendor Side

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  1. Bonus #00RankMath Pro
  2. Bonus #01  Thrive Architect
  3. Bonus #02 Divi Builder & Divi Theme
  4. Bonus #03 Elementor Pro 
  5. Bonus #04 Rehub multi-vendor theme 
  6. Bonus #05 Find Your Niche
  7. Bonus #06 8000+ Facebook Business Group
  8. Bonus #07 AI logo maker
  9. Bonus #08 WP Viral Click
  10. Bonus #09 Email List Building
  11. Bonus #10 List Building Excellence
  12. Bonus #11 Sales Domination and Cheatsheet
  13. Bonus #12 Video Marketing Hacks
  14. Bonus #13 150 Online Marketing
  15. Bonus #14 Profit Maximizer
  16. Bonus #15 Find Your Niche
  17. Bonus #16 Instagram Marketing 2.0
  18. Bonus #17 Authority Blogging
  19. Bonus #18 5-Advance Video Editing Techniques
  20. Bonus #19 Insta Secret Black Book
  21. Bonus #20 Instagram Secrets
  22. Bonus #21 ECommerce Golden Steps
  23. Bonus #22 5-Advance Video Editing Techniques
  24. Bonus #23 Auto Blog Builder 
  25. Bonus #24 Blog For-Profits
  26. Bonus #25 Email Master
  27. Bonus #26 SEO Master
  28. Bonus #27 Traffic Generating Resources
  29. Bonus #28  Content Marketing Strategy
7Day Digital Landlord OTO
7Day Digital Landlord Review

Special Early Bird Bonuses!

“You’ll Get These Special Bonuses Below If You Purchase 7DDL Today!”

Bonus 1.

20 Voice Overs By The Top Spokesperson

In Internet Marketing, Todd Gross

(A $750 Value) 

7Day Digital Landlord review

Todd has recorded a variety of voiceovers to entice business owners to become your customers. 

Add these audios to your videos for a truly professional touch.

Bonus 2.

Business Finder Software

 (A $197 Value)

7Day Digital Landlord review

Finding businesses and the right point of contact is the hardest challenge in landing high-paying clients. Team Todd has developed a solution to this critical problem.

We’ve created an entirely new app that can find businesses along with the phone number, email, and website in a single click.

Bonus 3.

Social Media Image Creator 

(A $97 Value)

7Day Digital Landlord review

Create platform-specific images for Facebook & Instagram with correct dimensions. This app even comes with ready-made templates that you can completely customize.

Bonus 4.

Customer Relationship Management System 

(A Value $ 499)

7Day Digital Landlord Bonuses

Track and organize your prospective leads and know exactly where each one stands in the sales process to better CONVERT leads into SALES! A very simple and powerful tool.

Bonus 5. Proposals (A $199 Value)

7Day Digital Landlord Bonuses

Once you’ve turned your prospective client into a customer by signing the proposal you sent, you can also send out an invoice to get paid!  This is integrated with the CRM as well and is done all through the client’s phone, so they see it immediately.

>>You Can Have Your First Digital Storefront LIVE and Ready to RENT <<

>>Out In As Little As 5 Minutes From Now!<<

7Day Digital Landlord review

Bonus 6.

Earnings Calculator ($67 Value)

7Day Digital Landlord review Bonuses

Calculate your earnings, project growth, set sales targets, map your path to success!  All built into your storefront builder.

Bonus 7. Link Redirector (A $199 Value)

You can use this tool to build redirects, cloak links, and keep track of stats of how many visits each link receives!

Bonus 8. Auto-Responder (A Value $ 499)

A built-in Auto-Responder in your Storefront Builder! Send follow-up emails after sales are made, promote additional products, and more.

Bonus 9. Free Advertising Credits Worth $500

This bonus will get you free advertising credits worth $500 for all your advertising needs on Google, Linkedin, Bing ads, yelp, Tiktok Apple Search Ads, and Amazon Ads.

7Day Digital Landlord review

Frequently Asked Questions –

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